Travelling Hopefully - A book by Stuart Tripp
Travelling Hopefully

One October evening a car flew off a bend on a country road and finished wrapped around a tree, forever changing the life of the young man within. Travelling Hopefully is the first book in a two book series telling the story of Stuart Tripp. At twenty-four years of age, Stuart like other young people was establishing his career, had enjoyed his first taste of world travel and was eager for more.

All that came to a halt in October 1994. Instead Stuart awoke after weeks in a coma to discover the results of the accident: head trauma, crushed legs, kidneys in failure and a memory full of black holes. This was only the start of the road ahead for Stuart, months of confinement, multiple operations, indescribable physical pain, emotional anguish and finally, the loss of his leg.

Drawing on every positive influence in his life, Stuart decided that the loss of his leg would not impact on the quality of his life. He visualised his future and planned action steps to get there.

In this first book, Stuart Tripp reveals that travelling hopefully is really about the journey and not the final destination.

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